Registration Form 2018

(note:  You can type your information on this form)

Putter Dues

To join the Ranchette Putters, you will need to fill out the Membership form and write a check to Ranchette Putters for your membership amount.

 Full time residents – lives at the Ranch over six months during the year

 Members joining – between January 1 and June 30: $40.00

 New members joining – between July 1 and December 31: $25.00

 Part time residents – lives six months or less a year at the Ranch (24 weeks or less): $25.00       

   Included in the Putter dues:

•         Putting Green fees

•         Awards and Gift cards awarded for performance

Not included in the Putter dues:

•         Annual luncheons

•         Mid-year brunches or lunches

•         Events sponsored by Ranchette Putters or outside Putter’s groups

All Luncheons and breakfasts held by the Ranchette Putters will be paid for, by each member that attends, as a separate charge.

Membership Roster 2018

Ranchette Putters Roster 2018

Membership Roster 2017

SBR Putters Roster 2017 as of 1262017

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